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We already have too many Amazon Sellers!!

That is probably very true!

We regularly talk to brands who don't want any more Amazon sellers, however, in every case, these brands do want to increase sales, eliminate problems, and improve overall performance.

That is always true!

We have a report that we call a "Listing Deficiency Report" and in this report, we provide you with our analysis of:

1. The areas of your product listing that need improvement.

2. The areas where we believe your competitors are out-marketing you.

3. The advertising footprint from any campaigns being run by your current sellers and how we think it could be improved.

Please let us know if you as a brand owner would like to see a Listing Deficiency Report created for you.

We are a Professional Online Seller who looks to partner with brands to help them increase sales, eliminate problems, and improve overall performance on the Amazon marketplace.


Do you have any questions?

Have a great day!

Joseph Weaver | J-M Supplies

Marketing | Business Development Manager (800) 640-9713

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